Beautiful History of Crayons

To celebrate National Crayon Month here is the interesting history of crayola crayons. From its earliest days, Crayola has been a color company.  During the last 100-plus years, Crayola has grown beyond our founders’ wildest dreams.  By applying technical innovation, unparalleled quality, consumer satisfaction and product value, Crayola has become the preeminent producer of hands-on products for creative personal development and fun.  Read more about the colorful history here. Oh RIP Dandelion, today it was discontinued.

1 and 2: Original box of crayons
3. Original box of 48 colors
4. Original box of 52 colors
5. Original box of 64 colors
AC0624-0000001.jpg 4-FLESH-V-PEACH-570.jpg3 crayon 2 o-BLUES-AND-REDS-570.jpgcrayon 1

Retired colors

Original colors

Original Ad – 1905




Beautiful Furniture Design

I would love to own a ‘Cloud’ table
designed by Anna and Marek Lorens.
Composed from a number of hexagonal
elements, the multi-functional table is
functional, beautiful, and playful all in one.
Made of plywood-and-aluminium it is available
in variety of configurations and finishes as well
as in a downsized, children’s version. I want.
Check out their website. They make some pretty
cool stuff.
IMG07982 IMG07984 IMG08022 KM3-560x373

Beautiful Nature

Random moments of natural beauty captured
by an iPhone.

wet leaves
Wet leaves, love the texture and color

wet leaf
I usually can’t achieve this kind of detail with an
the lighting must have been perfect to
the water droplets

yellow leaves
The bright yellow and shadows caught my attention

hydrangia 2 hydrangia 1
Surprised to see hydrangeas in late fall.
Photo taken at twighlight


Beautiful Yellow

Symbolism of the Color Yellow

The word yellow comes from the Old English geolu. Yellow is associated with sunshine,
knowledge, and the flourishing of living creatures, but also with autumn and maturity.
The yellow sun was one of humanity’s most important symbols and was worshiped as
God in many cultures. According to Greek mythology, the sun-god Helios wore a
yellow robe and rode in a golden chariot drawn by four fiery horses across the
heavenly firmament. The radiant yellow light of the sun personified divine wisdom.

Short History of Yellow Pigments

The oldest yellow pigment is yellow ochre, which was amongst the first pigments
used by humans. Egyptians and the ancient world made wide use of the mineral
orpiment for a more brilliant yellow than yellow ochre. In the Middle Ages,
Europeans manufactured lead tin yellow. They later imported Indian yellow and
rediscovered the method for the production of Naples yellow, which was used by
the Egyptians. Modern chemistry led to the creation of many other yellows,
including chrome yellow, cadmium yellow, lemon yellow, and cobalt yellow.

yellow flower 1 yellow daisy sunny-yellow-window-sill yellow-accents South-Yarra-House Still-Life--Vase-with-Fifteen-Sunflowers
Sunflowers, Vincent van Gogh, 1888