Beautiful Sculpture

Recently I had the pleasure to visit these magical willow houses. Actually it’s an art installation by Patrick Dougherty at the Palo Alto Art Center.

willow branch sculpture

gab gab2

They are little huts of woven willow branches creating tunnels and arches, in and out of doorways. The art piece is called Double Take and here is a YouTube video about its installation. If you happen to be in the SF Bay Area Peninsula area, the Palo Alto Art Center is worth a visit. Patrick Dougherty’s sculptures have been there for a few years, and the sculpture will remain until the willow branches naturally decay.

Beautiful Bauhaus

Most people attribute Germany’s Bauhaus
school, founded by Walter Gropius,with being
all about minimalist design, paring down
architecture to its most non-essential elements
whilst being beautiful at the same time.
What is overlooked is the fantastical costume
parties of the 1920s. Not only were they good
at designing furniture and everything else in
between, their costumes were just as sculptural
and flamboyant. The Bauhaus shindigs were
outright competitive. Imagine dancing around
in one of these with Wassily Kandinsky,
Paul Klee, Piet Mondrian, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy,
Mies van der Rohe and Marcel Breuer.

Bauhaus costumes by Oskar Schlemmer (1925)
Photos by Karl Grill via The Charnel-House

The parties began as improvisational events,
but later grew into large-scale productions
with costumes and sets made by the school’s
stage workshop. There was often a theme to
the evenings. One party was called Beard, Nose,
and Heart, and attendees were instructed t
show up in clothing that was two-thirds white,
and one-third spotted, checked or striped.
However, it’s generally agreed that the
apotheosis of the Bauhaus’ costumed revelry
was the Metal Party of 1929, where guests
donned costumes made from tin foil, frying
pans, and spoons. Attendees entered that
party by sliding down a chute into one of
several rooms filled with silver balls.

bauhaus3 bauhause-schlemmer
Bauhaus costumes by Oskar Schlemmer (1925)
Photos by Karl Grill via The Charnel-House



Beautiful Sculpture

Nestled in the hills just south of Napa, CA
is the fabulously fun Glashoff  sculpture gallery
and garden in Suisun City, CA. Be sure to check
it out if you are ever in Napa. Phillip Glashoff
continues the tradition of the lifestyle he was
born to on his northern California ranch.
His real passion is creating sculpture out of
scrap metal. The results dot the landscape
of the ranch; herds of steel sculpted cattle,
giant banjos, and archways made of street signs
just to name a few of which must be hundreds.

My favorite is the wind-up toy car that sits atop
a pole in the middle of the sculpture garden.

The kangaroo is made entirely of
recycled bolts.

Charming figure do the landscape including
a cowboy and his horse.

Candyland game sculpture made of
recycled metal and steel materials

This charming TP Lady holds all
your toilet needs and towels.
tp lady

Dancing Girl
dancing girl

Sculpture Garden – Great place to wander.
sculpture garden

Beautiful Sculpture

Johnson Tsang’s Coffee Kiss pieces made me laugh.
Yuanyang, a mixture of three parts coffee and seven
parts Hong Kong-style milk tea, perfectly represents
Eastern and Western cultures. The sculptures, which
always feature two people sharing a momentary kiss,
are meticulously made from ceramics and stainless
steel and have been created in a wide variety of
colors, shapes, and sizes.
 coffee_kiss_02 coffee_kiss_03

Beautiful Sculpture Artists

I recently enjoyed an afternoon at the
Bellevue Art Museum. It’s one of favorite
because rather than having a permanent
collection, they change out their exhibits
on a regular basis. With its unique focus on
art, craft and design, BAM features extraordinary
works by Northwest artists while bringing national
and international exhibitions to the community
as well.

This month features amazing wood sculptures
in an exhibit Fragile Fortress by Dan Webb.
I kid you not, all of his work is carved out wood.




1| Splash, 2006 Carved Fir, Varnish
2| Fortress, 2009 Carved Cedar
3| I Love You, 2006 Carved Fir, Ribbon, Steel

And just as wonderful is the exhibit
Life by the acclaimed ceramicist
Kathy Venter. The exhibit highlights
the artist’s signature life-sized sculptures
exploring the universal narrative of human
existence. Her work engages with her own
life experiences alongside an array of
historical sources featuring a provocative
surface treatment.




1| Metanarrative Series, Tokai, 2012
Polychrome Ceramic
2| Immersion Series, 2012-2013
Polychrome Ceramic
3| One/Revsion Series, 2012-2013
Polychrome Ceramic

Beautiful Googie Architecture

In 1953, Seattle artist Lewis Nasmyth was hired to “rustle up” a design
for a western-style gas station in Georgetown. Featuring a 44-ft. wide
cowboy hat and 22-ft. high boots, the Hat n’ Boots opened the next year
to a stampede of customers. In fact, for a time it was the biggest selling
station in the state. Legend has it even Elvis dropped by when he was in
town during the World’s Fair in ’62. But in the early 60’s, a new interstate
I-5 started diverting traffic away from the station. By the late 80’s it
pretty much looked like trail’s end for the Hat n’ Boots. That’s when some
Georgetown residents saddled up to rescue the soul of their community
established a permanent home for them in Oxbow Park.

boots2 boots3 boots-- boots 1 boots 6 hat1 hat 2 hat and boots 2 geaorgetown papatch p patch

Beautiful Architectural Exhibit

Love this colored pencil art installation by the
University of Minnesota School of Architecture.
The life-size exhibit represents the historical
moments of the school during their 100-year history.
The curvy installation is made up of 100 robotically-routed
plywood ribs that are joined together with 8,080 colored #2 pencils.
Clever, creative and unique.
Centennial-Chromagraph-pencil-1 Centennial-Chromagraph-pencil-2 Centennial-Chromagraph-pencil-3 Centennial-Chromagraph-pencil-4 Centennial-Chromagraph-pencil-5 Centennial-Chromagraph-pencil-6 Centennial-Chromagraph-pencil-8 Centennial-Chromagraph-pencil-10 Centennial-Chromagraph-pencil-12 Centennial-Chromagraph-pencil-13 Centennial-Chromagraph-pencil-14

Beautiful Pecha Kucha

Looking forward to the latest Pecha Kucha Seattle.
Tonight it’s all about story telling presented at the
beautiful Bellevue Arts Museum. If you are visiting
or have time don’t miss the exhibit
Rick Araluce: The Minutes, the Hours, the Days

Sculpture and ceramic art
by Patti Warashina: Wit and Wisdom

Rick Araluce: The Minutes, the Hours, the Days