Beautiful Architectural Exhibit

Love this colored pencil art installation by the
University of Minnesota School of Architecture.
The life-size exhibit represents the historical
moments of the school during their 100-year history.
The curvy installation is made up of 100 robotically-routed
plywood ribs that are joined together with 8,080 colored #2 pencils.
Clever, creative and unique.
Centennial-Chromagraph-pencil-1 Centennial-Chromagraph-pencil-2 Centennial-Chromagraph-pencil-3 Centennial-Chromagraph-pencil-4 Centennial-Chromagraph-pencil-5 Centennial-Chromagraph-pencil-6 Centennial-Chromagraph-pencil-8 Centennial-Chromagraph-pencil-10 Centennial-Chromagraph-pencil-12 Centennial-Chromagraph-pencil-13 Centennial-Chromagraph-pencil-14

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