Beautiful Sculpture

Johnson Tsang’s Coffee Kiss pieces made me laugh.
Yuanyang, a mixture of three parts coffee and seven
parts Hong Kong-style milk tea, perfectly represents
Eastern and Western cultures. The sculptures, which
always feature two people sharing a momentary kiss,
are meticulously made from ceramics and stainless
steel and have been created in a wide variety of
colors, shapes, and sizes.
 coffee_kiss_02 coffee_kiss_03

Beautiful Architecture

I would love to visit China one day just to
experience the amazing architecture much
of which is being designed by Zaha Hadid.

Zaha Hadid’s latest endeavor is the Wangjing
Soho building, a beacon along the journey of
transition to and from the  city. The project
acts as a welcoming entry to the city and a
gesture of farewell when departing Beijing.

The buildings are designed to read differently when
transitioning in either direction, leaving distinctly
different impressions on those who pass by. Like
Chinese Fans, the volumes appear to move around
each other in an intricate dance, each embracing
the other from a continuously changing angle.
ZHA_Wangjing-Soho_04 ZHA_Wangjing-Soho_03 ZHA_Wangjing-Soho_05