Beautiful Colorful Architecture

Paul Le Quernec’s cultural center in Mulhouse, France
is luscious. His use of bright colors and geometric shapes
are amazing. Love this building and vibrant colors.
I want to experience this place immediately.
paul-le-quernec-architect-cultural-center-in-mulhouse-designboom-04  paul-le-quernec-architect-cultural-center-in-mulhouse-designboom-03  paul-le-quernec-architect-cultural-center-in-mulhouse-designboom-01  paul-le-quernec-architect-cultural-center-in-mulhouse-designboom-02  paul-le-quernec-architect-cultural-center-in-mulhouse-designboom-07  paul-le-quernec-architect-cultural-center-in-mulhouse-designboom-06  paul-le-quernec-architect-cultural-center-in-mulhouse-designboom-08  g3  g4  g7  g10  g9

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