Beautiful Pink Fashion Trend

Pink has been #rebranded. Once a symbol of dated gender binaries, pink is now the color of powerful optimistic statements — Trump-shading pussy hats, shapely, multiethnic Barbie dolls, a cosmetics company that values realism over illusion. Those of us who cast aside our bubble gum pink paraphernalia the moment we grew old enough to shop for ourselves — and those of who still loved the hue but grew sick of the vaguely offensive “girly girl” associations — now have reason to reach for our rose-colored glasses.



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Beautiful Colorful Architecture

Paul Le Quernec’s cultural center in Mulhouse, France
is luscious. His use of bright colors and geometric shapes
are amazing. Love this building and vibrant colors.
I want to experience this place immediately.
paul-le-quernec-architect-cultural-center-in-mulhouse-designboom-04  paul-le-quernec-architect-cultural-center-in-mulhouse-designboom-03  paul-le-quernec-architect-cultural-center-in-mulhouse-designboom-01  paul-le-quernec-architect-cultural-center-in-mulhouse-designboom-02  paul-le-quernec-architect-cultural-center-in-mulhouse-designboom-07  paul-le-quernec-architect-cultural-center-in-mulhouse-designboom-06  paul-le-quernec-architect-cultural-center-in-mulhouse-designboom-08  g3  g4  g7  g10  g9

Beautiful Pink

Recently I was in Kirkland and randomly came across this tree
with beautiful pink flowers. They appeared like silk and are slightly
translucent. I don’t know the name of the tree but the flowers are stunning.

pink flowers

History of the Color Pink

No other color in modern history has carried such gravitas when it comes to associations with masculinity, femininity and politics. The color  PINK, a vessel for weighty subject material, indeed. Especially when you consider the fact that it has only been around in its proper form for less than 500 years. Who knows what the future for this light shade of red will hold, but this info graphic covers the last hundred years of politics and pop culture in all things pink.

Hot Pink Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol, 1967

Dancers in Pink by Edgar Degas, 1880-1885