Beautiful Pink Fashion Trend

Pink has been #rebranded. Once a symbol of dated gender binaries, pink is now the color of powerful optimistic statements — Trump-shading pussy hats, shapely, multiethnic Barbie dolls, a cosmetics company that values realism over illusion. Those of us who cast aside our bubble gum pink paraphernalia the moment we grew old enough to shop for ourselves — and those of who still loved the hue but grew sick of the vaguely offensive “girly girl” associations — now have reason to reach for our rose-colored glasses.



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Beautiful Sculpture

Ai Weiwei, one of China’s foremost contemporary artists, has
taken his beautiful Forever Bicycles sculpture to Toronto.
Featuring 3,144 bicycles, the colossal structure is stunning.
Displayed in a night-time festival, it is spectacularly lit up
with pink and blue lights looking as if they are floating.
What a delight.

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