Beautiful Bauhaus

Bunk with Breuer and the gang. The Bauhaus Dessau is now open to the public,
a modernist dream. For $47 a night, you can snooze in the same rooms that were
shared by Joseph Albers and architects Franz Ehrlich and Alfred Arndt.
Sweet dreams indeed. Sleep like a Bauhasler.
3019166-slide-11sbdprellerhausprellerhaus20100505yt6315 526009efe8e44e32e9000001_bed-breakfast-bauhaus_thomas_lewandovski-530x726 3019166-slide-07bhdprellerhaus20090828bd2415 3019166-slide-08bhdprellerhaus20120131yt7896 3019166-slide-01sbdatelierzimmerneu20131007yt5913 3019166-slide-03sbdatelierzimmerneu20131007yt5919 3019166-slide-09sbdatelierzimmerneu20131002yt5867 4adbfe9576b77ba5e139945ddbd56d9cPhotos by Steffen Zahn

Bauhaus architecture and the gang who started it all.
1477159179_547759b91b_z Bauhaus4

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