Beautiful FLOS Lighting

I’ve never met a FLOS light I didn’t like and this one I’m swooning over. FLOS has taken a dramatic lighting collection originally designed by Michael Anastassiades for New York’s Four Seasons restaurant and will make it available to everyone in October. Called Coordinates, it features a series of interlocking linear LED luminaries that  take their  formal  inspiration  from  the  mathematical  precision of the Cartesian grid, illuminated and expanded to three brilliant dimensions.

Coordinates comes in a broad array of set configurations, including four suspended chandeliers of different sizes and three ceiling-mounted luminaries, available in two lengths to suit both standard and high ceilings. The collection also features a repeatable module that can be suspended or ceiling-mounted, ideally suited to impressive, large-scale installations as often featured in contract projects.

“Coordinates is a lighting system consisting of  horizontal  and  vertical  strip  lights  that  form illuminated grid-like structures of various complexities,” says Anastassiades. “This design evolved  from a commission for the feature lighting  of  the  main dining area,  which  relocated  and  reopened  in 2018 with the interiors designed by Sao Paolo-based architect Isay Weinfeld.”

The range is completed by a vertical floor lamp model featuring a simple round base and two lighting bars, which can be set at the preferred beam angle during assembly.

Coordinates is made from extruded aluminium with a sophisticated anodized champagne finish, and an opal-white platinic silicone diffuser. Exact, elegant, and easily adaptable, this collection offers a flexible yet formally rigorous solution for a diverse range of indoor environments, providing maximum impact with a minimal touch.

Beautiful Lighting Design

This Symphony Lamp chandelier designed by
Anna Strupinskaya is stunning. The concept of the
chandelier explores the connection between light and
sound waves and their resemblance. Light, color and
sound are visualized in three interlaced spatial ribbons.
The ribbons of translucent silicone imitate rows of
tubes that contribute to the perception of the musical
instruments theme. Love the translucency and
beautiful color overlaying effects.
ce29cb_d1cea2813f0e7d9520822fdc90130578_jpg_srz_1405_1370_75_22_0_50_1_20_0 symphony_lamp_anna_strupinskaya_alexey_ivashkevich_2 symphony_lamp_anna_strupinskaya_alexey_ivashkevich_4
symphony_lamp_anna_strupinskaya_alexey_ivashkevich_3 symphony_lamp_anna_strupinskaya_alexey_ivashkevich_5

Beautiful Sculpture

Ai Weiwei, one of China’s foremost contemporary artists, has
taken his beautiful Forever Bicycles sculpture to Toronto.
Featuring 3,144 bicycles, the colossal structure is stunning.
Displayed in a night-time festival, it is spectacularly lit up
with pink and blue lights looking as if they are floating.
What a delight.

aiweiwei0  aiweiwei_foreverbicycles_02  aiweiweibicycles01  nuitblanche06  aiweiwei_foreverbicycles_04   aiweiwei_foreverbicycles_05

Beautiful Sculpture

Wandering leads to all things beautiful.
Sonic Bloom is an LED sculpture at the entry
to the Seattle Pacific Science Center with a chorus of
color and sound. Interactive, movement
triggers the flowers to light up.  See it here.

lite 1

lite 2

lite 3

SONIC BLOOM, 2013, Pacific Science Center
Seattle Center, Seattle WA

by Dan Corson
Commissioned by the Pacific Science Center
and Seattle City Light’s Green Up Program
5 flowers: 20’ diameter and up to 40’ tall. Steel, fiberglass,
custom photo voltaic cells, LEDs, sensors, interactive
sound system and energy data monitoring.