Beautiful Sketchbook

For 36 weeks in 04, Oliver Jeffers and three other artists sent a sketchbook back and forth across the Atlantic between them, each artist responding to the spread that proceeded the one before. When it was finished, the book had traveled over 60,000 miles. WOW, what a great idea with amazing results is all I can say.


Beautiful Collage Art

I stumbled upon beautiful art by Catrin Welz-Stein. Her work is wonderful
mix of collage, illustration a digital art. Abstract and surreal, it has a
dream-like fantasy quality belonging to another world.
catrin welz stein 1 catrin welz stein 2  catrin welz stein 4 catrin welz stein 5 catrin welz stein 6 catrin welz stein 7  catrin welz stein 11  catrin welz stein 9 catrin welz stein 3

Beautiful Movie Posters

For all the cinema lovers out there in movie land,
myself included.
10 Oscar-Nominated Movie Posters Get A Pop Art Makeover
3026924-slide-12-years-slave 3026924-slide-americanhustle Captain Phillip Print 3026924-slide-gravitypopartposter 3026924-slide-her-2 3026924-slide-nebraska2a 3026924-slide-philomena-poster-2-1 popartoscars

And here are my thoughts on each one:
1) 12 Years a Slave: Loved it, great acting, will probably win
2) American Hustle: Overrated, somewhat boring
3) Captain Phillips: Great casting/acting but not a favorite
4) Dallas Buyers Club: Unfortunately missed this one
5) Gravity: Great special effects but lacks a real story line. And I want to know where she landed.
6) Her: Very intriguing script, liked it a lot.
7) Nebraska: Loved the story, superb acting. May win.
8) Philomena: Loved this one as well but some scenes, such as the one with the car that takes away the boy, looked 1930s not 1950s. Makes me want to read the book.
9) The Wolf of Wall Street: Highly overrated, weakest of all.

Beautiful Illustrations

These illustrations by Jaco Haasbroek 
made me chuckle. Very clever play
on words and phrases. Amusing.
The Violent Violet Violin 

To the Rescue

usical Chairs

here Two oceans Meet as One


Adventure Seeker