Beautiful Workplace Design

I admire the creative design work done by Studio O+A.
They just get it right every time. Their latest “Star Wars”
inspired office for Giant Pixel Corp. located in
Silicon Valley, echos a cross between the look of
Charles and Ray Eames’s workshop and The Jetsons.
To capture a 1960s-era, but still futuristic look,
Cherry and O+A designer Neil Bartley settled on a
spare office with a few marquee pieces, including a large
perforated-steel screen that makes up the entryway.
The screen reads the opening crawl from Star Wars:
“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…”
Check out all the wonderful work by Studio O+A.
3026372-inline-oplusa-giantpixel0189 3026372-inline-oplusa-giantpixel0098

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