Beautiful Meditation

Rest is something that can be captured as form
of meditation, 
or a day-dream, the idea of slowing
down and taking notice 
of the present, re-store,
a point of re-envisioning challenges

and looking at them with intent.

Rest isn’t only a stop, it’s a place on a journey.
An “intermission of labor, mental peace.”
That quiet stance of contemplation,
being in that place, a sentinel, an observant.

Rest, Respite.
Restore, renew.
To look again. To see anew.

harvard exit
Wall of the Harvard Exit Movie Theater
Capitol Hill, Seattle

Greenlake at twilight

Beautiful Point of View

Whilst jogging around Greenlake I was contemplating about
how the heck I was going to redirect my life goals. I stumbled
upon this telescope & noticed the words POINT OF VIEW.
The juxtaposition of the scope and dock in the background
was perfect. Sometimes you just need to dive into life and hope for the best.

point of view_greenlake
Greenlake, Seattle, WA