Beautiful Artist Bo Bartlett

I adore the work by American realist painter Bo Bartlett.
His work is reminiscent of Wyeth and Grant Wood,
with a wink to Norman Rockwell mixed in.
His art is fresh and it captures America unadorned
subtly revealing some darker truths.

And….The Bo Bartlett Center, a 18,425 square foot
interactive gallery space housed on the River Park
campus of Columbus State University, is designed by
one of my favorite architects Tom Kundig. Great art
all around.
The Innocents, 2013

Daniel’s Daughter, 2010

Open Gate, 2010

School of Charm, 2010

America, 2008

The Bo Bartlett Center, Columbus State University
Designed by Tom Kundig

Beautiful Sculpture

Artist Jason Peters creates site-specific installations
with buckets. Often lit from within, the sculptural
pieces twist and turn like a glowing snake.
The work redefines the way we look at space and
offers a different perspective depending on whether
it is inside or outside, day or night.
Arch2o-Sculptural-Buckets-Jason-Peters-30-500x381 Arch2o-Sculptural-Buckets-Jason-Peters-311-e1374703106686 Arch2o-Sculptural-Buckets-Jason-Peters-34-500x374 Arch2o-Sculptural-Buckets-Jason-Peters-27-500x293