Beautiful Collage Art

I stumbled upon beautiful art by Catrin Welz-Stein. Her work is wonderful
mix of collage, illustration a digital art. Abstract and surreal, it has a
dream-like fantasy quality belonging to another world.
catrin welz stein 1 catrin welz stein 2  catrin welz stein 4 catrin welz stein 5 catrin welz stein 6 catrin welz stein 7  catrin welz stein 11  catrin welz stein 9 catrin welz stein 3

Beautiful Photography

Oleg Oprisco is a brilliantly talented photographer from
Lviv, Ukraine, who creates stunning surreal images of
elegant women in fairy-tale or dream-like settings.
There’s one significant difference, however, that sets
him apart from other artists who create similar work…
Oprisco shoots using old-school film photography and
a $50 camera. Beautiful imagery.
surreal-photography-oleg-oprisco-13 surreal-photography-oleg-oprisco-8 surreal-photography-oleg-oprisco-1 surreal-photography-oleg-oprisco-19 surreal-photography-oleg-oprisco-2 surreal-photography-oleg-oprisco-3 surreal-photography-oleg-oprisco-5 surreal-photography-oleg-oprisco-21 surreal-photography-oleg-oprisco-17

Beautiful Surreal Photography

Kindra Nikole, a Seattle-based photographer, takes inspiration
from fairy tales and fantasy to yield compelling images.
I especially like the solitude and mystery the convey.

kindranikole6 kindranikole2 kindranikole3 kindranikole4