Beautiful Architecture

Amazon is joining the party of novelty headquarters
by designing its new Seattle office in the form of a huge,
spherical greenhouse. Formed of three interconnected
glass bubbles, rising up to 30m tall, the complex will
reside amongst grassy mounds in downtown Seattle.

This little spherical utopia is conceived as the social heart
of a vast Amazonworld, covering over three city blocks.
I’ve decided to take on the task of photographing the
construction of this amazing project and create a building
timeline to not only share the ever-changing city skyline but
the effect it will have on the surrounding neighborhood.
Although these first images are random, as I go along the
timeline I hope to capture some from different perspectives.

Let the fun begin.

photo 1 photo
photo 1 (1) photo 3

photo 3 (1) photo (2)
photo 5 photo (1)

Here is NBBJ’s design approved by the City of Seattle.
Designed by NBBJ  Seattle



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