Beautiful Architecture

During one of my random walks recently I stumbled
upon a gem at 777 Thomas Street. It’s a great example
of an Art Deco style building designed by
George Wellington Stoddard in 1931, a notable and
prolific Seattle architect whose buildings are scattered
throughout Seattle.
777 thomas st 777 thomas street

But little did I know, this gem is at the center of an
interesting controversy that surrounds the future of
the building. When I got home I was curious and
researched the building to learn more about it and was
surprised to learn that it’s “fighting for its life” and seeking
to be preserved as a landmark. Currently the developer is
suing the city in what sounds like a battle over development.
It will be interesting to follow and see what happens.
With all the new development around the South Lake Union area
I think would be nice to save it…what do other people think?

Read the interesting story here
This is an architects report on neighborhood preservation
Here is the new proposal

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