Beautiful Historic Architecture

Trolling around Queen Anne Hill this week
inspires me to share an example of beautiful reuse.
Old Queen Anne High School, designed by James Stephen
in 1899, is a Neo-classical building that sits high atop
Queen Anne Hill in Seattle. Originally noted for its
spacious corridors, ample exits, and abundant light
and fresh air it was considered “modern” when it
was constructed. Today is houses, in all its
Neo-classical glory, high-end condominiums.
An excellent example of the adaptive reuse of
historic buildings.
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Beautiful Architecture

During one of my random walks recently I stumbled
upon a gem at 777 Thomas Street. It’s a great example
of an Art Deco style building designed by
George Wellington Stoddard in 1931, a notable and
prolific Seattle architect whose buildings are scattered
throughout Seattle.
777 thomas st 777 thomas street

But little did I know, this gem is at the center of an
interesting controversy that surrounds the future of
the building. When I got home I was curious and
researched the building to learn more about it and was
surprised to learn that it’s “fighting for its life” and seeking
to be preserved as a landmark. Currently the developer is
suing the city in what sounds like a battle over development.
It will be interesting to follow and see what happens.
With all the new development around the South Lake Union area
I think would be nice to save it…what do other people think?

Read the interesting story here
This is an architects report on neighborhood preservation
Here is the new proposal