Beautiful Photos Of Paris

Have you ever got totally lost in blog as if you fell through a rabbit
hole? You try to sleep or do something else more productive but as
you flip through the pages the images are so enchanting you just
can’t stop yourself. This happened to me when I discovered
photographer Hannah Lemholt. Her images are breathtaking,
as if in a dream. I am so drawn to her photos of Paris. I hope you
enjoy them as much as I do. Sweet Dreams.
©HannahLemholtPhotographyParisMoments7  ©HannahLemholtPhotographySmokeCeremony02 1 ©HannahLemholtPhotographySpiraAutumn12SneekPeek ©HannahLemholtPhotographyValleDItria06 ©HannahLemholtPhotographyParisWall
Photos by Hannah Lemholt


Beautiful Random Moments of Happiness

I love these vintage black and white photos. They capture a sense of random happiness, something we have all too little of in the world. They act as a visual antidote to the seemingly endless litany of bad news all around.

paris 1963 watching Saint George and the Dragon outdoor puppet theater_Getty
Children Watching St. George Slay the Dragon at the Puppet Theater in the Tuileries, Paris, 1963.
Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt

paris 1989
Paris, 1989. Time Magazine

Parisian boy_1952_Taschen
Parisian Boy, 1952. Courtesy of Taschen

University of Michigan Drum Major, 1950
Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt