Beautiful Sketchbook

For 36 weeks in 04, Oliver Jeffers and three other artists sent a sketchbook back and forth across the Atlantic between them, each artist responding to the spread that proceeded the one before. When it was finished, the book had traveled over 60,000 miles. WOW, what a great idea with amazing results is all I can say.


Beautiful Collage Art

I stumbled upon beautiful art by Catrin Welz-Stein. Her work is wonderful
mix of collage, illustration a digital art. Abstract and surreal, it has a
dream-like fantasy quality belonging to another world.
catrin welz stein 1 catrin welz stein 2  catrin welz stein 4 catrin welz stein 5 catrin welz stein 6 catrin welz stein 7  catrin welz stein 11  catrin welz stein 9 catrin welz stein 3