Beautiful Cabin in the Desert

Lucid Stead, by artist Phillip K. Smith III, is a
70-year-old homesteader shack’s weathered
and worn is transformed into a remarkable
vision that makes viewers question whether they
are hallucinating. The artistic, reconstructive
project adds an element of intrigue and
optical illusion through the addition of reflective
panels that echo the surrounding landscape.

Smith says, “Lucid Stead is about tapping into
the quiet and the pace of change of the desert.
When you slow down and align yourself with the
desert, the project begins to unfold before you.
It reveals that it is about light and shadow,
reflected light, projected light, and change.”

phillipksmithlucidstead1 phillipksmithlucidstead4 phillipksmithlucidstead6 phillipksmithlucidstead7 phillipksmithlucidstead9 phillipksmithlucidstead10
Located in Joshua Tree, California