Beautiful Apartment Tour

Retired geography professor and avid world traveler
Bill Shumaker has amassed an eclectic collection of
art and artifacts from every corner of the globe.
Shumaker, who lives on the bottom two floors
of a 19th-century brownstone he purchased in
the early 1970s, has adorned his 2,400 sq. ft.
space with mementos that remind him of
international journeys and friends.
Everything in the house has a personal
connection. I love the car door idea.

bill car door
The bathroom is full of car door pictures, a collection
that started when a visiting friend found a mustang door
on his stoop and decided to sketch it.  From then on it
was required that Bill’s house guests sketch, paint, sculpt,
photograph etc the door, which itself hangs in the bathroom.

Photography by Emily Andrews

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