Beautiful Green Architecture

I had the pleasure of touring the new Bullitt Center
tonight with other members of the IIDA. Kudos to
Robert Pena, an architecture professor at the UW
and consultant for the Integrated Design Lab, for
leading the group.
The Bullitt Center is the greenest commercial
building in the world. Hopefully it starts a trend.
Bullitt center 2

Students and members of IIDA

exterior Bullitt
Solar panel roof overhang

Exterior Bullitt center
These exterior “blinds” open and close according
to the level of sunlight. When we arrived they were
closed; as the sun was setting a short time later
they automatically opened to allow more light
into the space.

view from Bullitt center
View from the fourth floor window

Beautiful Gallery

Today was one of those all too familiar drizzly days
when I just wanted to be anywhere else but Seattle.
The remedy? A field trip to the Henry Art Gallery where
I was treated to some James Turrell and a beautiful
photographic exhibit displaying some stunning images.


Interior ceiling of the Henry Art Gallery

turrell 1  turrell 2
James Turrell’s Skyspace, Light Reign at the Henry Art Gallery
University of Washington, Seattle, WA