Beautiful Thoughts

The Important Thing

“The important thing is not to stop questioning.”
– Albert Einstein

Today has been a very challenging day but
I know there is light at the top of the stairs
and when the journey is achieved there’s
and beautiful view looking back.

stairs volunteer park water tower
Stair climb inside the the water tower , built 1906,
at Volunteer Park, Capitol Hill, Seattle

eye of the needle
View from the top of the water tower is 360 degrees

Beautiful Hill Climb

Seattle has 25 hidden hill climbs with stairs and Blaine Street
is a gem. 293 stairs as someone was so kind to mark
them along the way up every 50 or so…in case one is counting.
Reminds me of the hill climb stairs in San Francisco but not quite
as colorful.

blaine stree hill climb stairs going up 100 150200293

…and the fun part is hucking fallen apples and
watching them bounce down the stairs…the green
spec on the landing is an apple.

stairs going down with apple