Beautiful Airbnb in Philadelphia

If you are looking for an Airbnb stay in Philadelphia here’s your answer. I am swooning over the old world charm of this place; I could live here much less stay here temporarily. Not sure what I need to go to Philly for but this would be a good enough reason. BTW there is no television, but who needs a TV when you are surrounded by beauty. This unique Rittenhouse gem was renovated by Tara and Percy of Jersey Ice Cream Co.  Book it here.


Beautiful Hotel Interiors

Located in the heart of Venice Beach, California, The Parachute Hotel offers a new, one of kind destination. Dreamed up by local home essentials brand Parachute, it was designed by Scott Horne and Peter Dolkas, and has been stylishly curated with a cool California vibe.


Parachute bedding—a retailer of high-quality sheets evangelized by fashion and lifestyle bloggers—has transformed the loft above its Venice Beach store into a single 2,200 SF hotel room that functions more like an Airbnb. It has beautiful raw materials – wood and jute with a neutral, milky color palette inspired by the beach.

pic 11.jpg

Catering for events, parties and private stays, Parachute features beautiful homewares, warm touches of rattan and statement artwork throughout, the hotel also has a ‘shoppable’ concept, meaning everything is available to buy.


pic 1.jpg Parachute4418.jpg pic-3 pic 4.jpg pic 5.jpg pic-6 pic 7.jpg pic 10.jpg pic 8.jpg pic-9

Beautiful Swanky Airbnb Bird Houses

Birdbnb, Airbnb for Birds.
Birds now have a swankier and more beautiful home
than you thanks to vacation rental site, Airbnb.
In a new campaign called Birdbnb, the internet
giant seeks to provide shelters for migrating birds
because to them, ‘Every Traveler Deserves a Home’.
With the help of five designers, Airbnb made birdhouse
copies of its 50 most interesting property listings and
placed them in New Orleans’ Audobon Park, where
many migrating birds flock to during the migratory
season. The designs feature some unique and quirky
architecture from around the world. Some are
lighthouses, some look like wagons, and one is
even a medieval castle in Ireland!
birdbnb7-pampanga philippines asheville NC bend or casper wy france france2 iceland joshua tree ca