Beautiful Sculpture

Artist Jason Peters creates site-specific installations
with buckets. Often lit from within, the sculptural
pieces twist and turn like a glowing snake.
The work redefines the way we look at space and
offers a different perspective depending on whether
it is inside or outside, day or night.
Arch2o-Sculptural-Buckets-Jason-Peters-30-500x381 Arch2o-Sculptural-Buckets-Jason-Peters-311-e1374703106686 Arch2o-Sculptural-Buckets-Jason-Peters-34-500x374 Arch2o-Sculptural-Buckets-Jason-Peters-27-500x293

Beautiful Googie Architecture

In 1953, Seattle artist Lewis Nasmyth was hired to “rustle up” a design
for a western-style gas station in Georgetown. Featuring a 44-ft. wide
cowboy hat and 22-ft. high boots, the Hat n’ Boots opened the next year
to a stampede of customers. In fact, for a time it was the biggest selling
station in the state. Legend has it even Elvis dropped by when he was in
town during the World’s Fair in ’62. But in the early 60’s, a new interstate
I-5 started diverting traffic away from the station. By the late 80’s it
pretty much looked like trail’s end for the Hat n’ Boots. That’s when some
Georgetown residents saddled up to rescue the soul of their community
established a permanent home for them in Oxbow Park.

boots2 boots3 boots-- boots 1 boots 6 hat1 hat 2 hat and boots 2 geaorgetown papatch p patch

Beautiful Rainbow Spectrum

A beautiful bright spectrum of colors to bask in whilst walking through
a cathedral of rainbows. To Breathe – A Mirror Woman is Kimsooja’s
site-specific installation for the Palacio de Cristal in Madrid, Spain.

To expand and unite the architectural structure of the space, Kimsooja
had the whole floor tiled in mirrors. She then covers the vault and the
entire glass surface of the palace with a translucent diffraction film.
When outside light filters through the glass and reflects off the film,
it creates a rainbow spectrum that is mirrored in every part of the atrium.

Kimsooja1  Kimsooja3

Kimsooja4 Kimsooja2

Beautiful Farmers Market

I had the pleasure of attending
Pecha Kucha 49 in Seattle this week
at the Pike Place Market. Bitter cold
but a beautiful evening to catch the
holiday lights at the end of the day.
Usually I’m there when it’s extremely
busy but at night it elicits a quiet yet
spirited solitude.

pp03 pp04 pp01 pp02