Beautiful Mini Apartment in Milano

A modern office, linear and neutral, is converted into a home and made welcoming through a play of colors, coverings, and décor. Its unique structure, consisting of a narrow corridor, was the driving force behind the design project, turning a limitation into an opportunity. The goal was to enhance the areas and multiply the spaces through optical illusions based on targeted colors, mirrors, and wallpaper.

The space is transformed and divided, illuminated by large ribbon windows that fill the place with natural light. The intervention therefore aimed at enhancing the existing monochromatic and linear spaces which lent themselves adequately to achromatic and decorative play thanks to the play of volumes already present.

The kitchen is the heart of the house, enclosed in a chromatic “cube” that instills openness and sociability, thus generating a dynamic and multifunctional environment. It becomes the place to welcome and share, accompanied by dark chestnut wood, a color that increases energy and stimulates the appetite.

Color is used as an excellent tool for delimiting a space, dividing it, giving it an identity. By the choice of the correct color, it is possible to create moods and feelings and make sure that the environment we live in can influence our emotions.

The pine green of the living room, used in two shades, expresses regeneration and rebirth, urging us to breathe more deeply and instilling trust and security. It favors blood pressure reduction by stimulating the pituitary gland, which is ideal for the living area! The palette also includes the white color, which acts as a neutral canvas and contributes to lightening the environment by providing balance and serenity. Colors carry with them a universal message, fruit of cultural and historical evolution; their communicative capacity is very powerful.

Playing with solids and voids is a very interesting method to embellish an environment. In the bathroom, Chroma Studio has chosen to play with the wooden divider that, with its rectangular axes, gives an added value in terms of functionality, chromatic harmony, and dynamism. The bathroom is, by choice, the most restful space of the entire apartment, a place to abandon the tensions of the day and take our time.

Materials, colors, and textures have been chosen to help the reconnection with nature. The use of sage green infuses a feeling of balance and regeneration, associated with natural oak wood and the wallpaper “Exotic dream” by Londonart that reminds of pristine places. The design choice was to enhance the long walls of this bathroom in which one is reflected in the other. The left side holds the large Fenix and oak washbasin, separated from the sanitary area through the oak divider. This wall was imagined as a sort of chessboard, where the two-dimensional enamel was associated with the three-dimensional tiles “Biscuit” from 41zero42, creating vertical and horizontal sections through the use of wood. The large circular mirror reflects the fiberglass wallpaper that occupies the entire front wall. The walk-in shower, designed as a real relaxation space, occupies the entire bottom of the room for comfortable and pleasant use.

Photography by Riccardo Gasperoni
Design by Chroma Studio

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