Beautiful Eulogy to a Cafe

One of the plights of urban neighborhoods is change
which means some businesses survive and some die.
Especially when it comes to old cafes. The scruffier
version of the B&O
is MIA on Capitol Hill and before
that was the Still Life Cafe in Fremont. Many moons
ago it was my favorite haunt along with the B&O but
alas it no longer exists. But I did capture this
wonderful mural as a tribute and it’s nice to know
I wasn’t the only one missing it. It reflected the older.
grungier, friendlier, and cheaper side of Fremont.

Still Life Cafe Mural

cafe mural 1  cafe mural 2

Beautiful Mural

I spent the weekend perusing the Fremont Fair+Parade.
For those of you who don’t know about it you will
by the time I finish todays posts. I’ll start at the
beginning. I like to park a fair distance away
from my destination because
a) I get to see all the wonderful micro sights
I would miss if I  didn’t and
b) I love to walk.

First up is the wonderful wall mural along a concrete wall
walking down to the fair. It’s a cartoonish play off the
Fremont Neighborhood cafes and icons.
Fremont, otherwise known as The Center of the Universe,
is an awesome place to hang out on any day.

Not anywhere near Kansas…and dogs rule.

mural 22
Mural is a block long and run under an overpass.

mural 33

Colorful version of “Waiting for the Interurban”

Across the street is a wonderful series of painted posts
creating a colorful rhythm.