Beautiful Photos Of Paris

Have you ever got totally lost in blog as if you fell through a rabbit
hole? You try to sleep or do something else more productive but as
you flip through the pages the images are so enchanting you just
can’t stop yourself. This happened to me when I discovered
photographer Hannah Lemholt. Her images are breathtaking,
as if in a dream. I am so drawn to her photos of Paris. I hope you
enjoy them as much as I do. Sweet Dreams.
©HannahLemholtPhotographyParisMoments7  ©HannahLemholtPhotographySmokeCeremony02 1 ©HannahLemholtPhotographySpiraAutumn12SneekPeek ©HannahLemholtPhotographyValleDItria06 ©HannahLemholtPhotographyParisWall
Photos by Hannah Lemholt


Beautiful Curious Places

I recently came across this most curious and enchanting place online
Bad Blumau, Austria. I would love to visit this village someday. The
architecture is so unique it almost seems like something out of
The Hobbit. Simply enchanting.

rogner-bad-blumau-albergo Bad Blumau Thermal Spa by Hundertwasser, Austria walter-bibikow-bad-blumau-hotel-bad-blumau-styria-austria Bad Blumau, Austria2 Bad Blumau, Austria

Photography via Different Design