Beautiful Studio

Some days I wish I could escape all that’s going on and retreat to place like this. Float Watershed is a small studio in the Willamette Valley, in Oregon. With a 100 square feet, it was designed to be a writing studio for a philosophy professor with a love for nature. She was the one who actively participated in the design, together with her daughter, the designer.

wren_cabin_dusk_016 Wren_Cabin_2.jpg

The view is spectacularly tranquil.

wren_cabin_3 Wren_Cabin_4.jpg Wren_Cabin_5.jpg wren_cabin_6 Wren_Cabin_7.jpg

Float Watershed has many eco-friendly features. Firstly, the studio has small tunnels under it that can gather rare reptiles. There’s the water collection basin for birds and deer. Also, the owner wanted a roof that amplifies rain sounds.

Wren_Cabin_8.jpg Wren_Cabin_dusk_9.jpg moore-watershed_plan1 moore-watershed_section_B. 2.jpg

The construction uses a steel frame, stainless steel bolts and cedar and glass enclosure layer. The entire studio is removable and recyclable. If there’s the need, the wooden elements can be recycled piece-by-piece. Also, the steel frame can be removed, reused or recycled, depending on the situation. Read more here.

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